Who We Are

About Penang Hidden Gems

Penang Hidden Gems (PHG) is a collective of history enthusiasts, sharing interesting hidden cultural and historical stories as well as interesting places of interest since August 2020. First founded by Emili and Emilia Ismail, Penang Hidden Gems has grown into a team consisting of licensed tour guide Teoh Shan Tatt (Tger Tatt), former TV host Moe Nasrul a.k.a The Moe Hawk, photographer Idora Mufazzal, drone pilot Arif Alias, and business manager Lau Sinn Wee.

As an affinity group, our Mission Vision Statement (MVS) are as follows:

  • To share lesser known cultural and historical backstories of Penang through Penang Hidden Gems Facebook group. 
  • To provide quality "histourism" activities for locals and tourists, focusing on 2-hour long site visits. 
  • To become a non governmental key opinion leader in tourism industry, trusted by the community.

    Join us as we unveil lesser known places, sacred traditions, underrated stories, and dying trades, all of which make Penang a special gem among her people.